HeliosNE Charge Controller Catagory


Charge Controller

HeliosNE MPPT charge controllers are widely used in different kinds of DC charge kits, like for RV and marine applications.We add Bluetooth connection function in our MPPT controllers, allowing APP operation and monitoring in mobile phones. 


Charge Controller

Unlike most of the low quality PWM charge controllers in the market, HeliosNE PWM models focus more on product reliability and user experience. We use first grade materials for our PWM controllers, to make it lasting as longer as MPPT models. For different use applications, we have different PWM controllers, like regular models, flush mount models, waterproof models, and models with APP operation function.


Charge Controller

RV/caravans are very popular all around world, especially in recent years, more and more people are interested in owning or hiring a RV for travels. HeliosNE takes RV charge controller as the core of our business. We have various kinds of controllers, PWM and MPPT, suitable for RV installation.

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