MPPT RV Solar Charge Controller Flush Mount Model M2430C

Model NO.M2430C

M2430C is a MPPT solar charge controller with flush mount design for solar DC power system in RV or other similar applications. It is negative grounded design, and with Bluetooth module built inside for APP monitoring and operation in mobile phone.

Solar Regulator
Solar Regulator
MPPT Charge Controller
RV Solar Charge Controller
Solar Regulator
MPPT Charge Controller
RV Solar Charge Controller
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30A MPPT RV Solar Charge Controller

12/24V Auto - Flush Mount Negative Grounded Model

Model No.: VENUS-M2430C

  • - Aluminum casing + tempered glass cover
  • - 12/24V battery system auto recognition
  • - 300 days max data logging
  • - 100Voc max PV input voltage
  • - Negative grounded design for RV use
  • - Inbuilt BT module for APP operation
  • - MPPT 30A max charge current
  • - Flush Mount + Touch screen operation

Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology

  • - fast MPPT start with ultra fast of sweeping of the entire V-I curve
  • - smart MPPT algorithm ensures a better tracking in multiple power points
  • - high PV harvest performance in weak sunlight conditions
  • - excellent peak efficiency exceeds 98%

High Quality & Functions

  • - aluminum casing for better cooling and charge function in high temperature
  • - tempered glass cover, touch screen button for better operation
  • - polyurethane filled inside for better cooling and waterproof
  • - over rating electronic components to minimize the power loss from heating
  • - full charge power output up to 45ºC
  • - compensates battery charge voltages with use of temperature sensor
  • - LCD screen display
  • - Lead-acid AGM/GEL/Flooded & Lithium batteries supportable

Reliable Electronic Protections

  • - advanced protections for battery charge & discharge
  • - over-heating protection by power derating if temperature is high
  • - allow max 25% exceeding rated power without controller damage
  • - extensive protections including PV reverse polarity & reverse current protection

Extensive Device Functions

  • - RS485 port for Modbus communication
  • - external Bluetooth module connection for APP operation
  • - external remote LCD display connection

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