Waterproof 10A PWM Solar Charge Controller 12V

Model NO.P1210W

P1210W is 12V 10A PWM solar charge controller only for solar charging function.

It is waterproof IP68 design, mainly used in outdoors solar power systems in small size, usually a single panel system.

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best solar controller for caravan
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marine solar charge controller
best solar controller for caravan
marine controller
marine solar charge controller
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10A waterproof PWM solar charge controller
IP68 10A solar charge controller

Model No.: VENUS-P1210W

  • Brief design with PWM charge control, supports max 170W solar PV input
  • IP68 design for almost all installation environment outdoors
  • Small sized and customized cable allowed, for more applications


Key Figures

  •  IP68 waterproof design
  •  12V battery system only
  •  PWM 3 stage charge
  •  LED indication for charge statuts
  •  PV MC4 connectors (optional)
  •  Long cable for connections (optional)
  •  Only for battery charge use

Extensive Device Functions

  •  Plug & play, small size for convenient operation
  •  Reliable with 3 years warranty
  •  Suitable for DC charge pack applications

MarineSolar Bag
             Marine                         Solar Bag



Controller Parameter Value
Model No. P1210W
Battery System Voltage 12V Only
Max System Current 10A
No-load Loss 8mA
Max Solar Input Voltage <30Voc
Max Solar Input Power 150W
Equalize Charge Voltage 14.6V
Boost Charge Voltage 14.4V
Float Charge Voltage 13.8V
Boost Charge Recovery Voltage 13.2V
Equalize Charge Duration 2 Hours
Boost Charge Duration 2 Hours
Operating Temperature -31℉-140℉/-35℃-60℃
IP Protection IP68
Controller Dimension 82*43*17.5mm
Net Weight 0.11kg
Controller Parameter Value
User Manual Yes
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