How to find and fix the problems with solar DC power system?


No solar power system can be perfect for all time, so we need to know how to fix the problems if we find any.

   Firstly, anytime if we find the solar charge controller works no good, we should go to check the LCD display for the error code. And then we find the user manual and check the corresponding explanation and follow the suggestions to debug it. If the controller has no screen, then try to check the status of the LED indicators. Please don’t threw away the controller manual. It is very important when you have problems with your power system.

   The most common error we can find is battery over discharge. When PV plugs in the system, the battery voltage would be pulled up from some, higher than what it actually is. Therefore, if the battery has no much capacity remained, and the weather is not so good (no much charge in the day time), the controller may give the error signal of over discharge, in a short time after the PV is off in the night time. It is easy to solve out this problem, just to keep the battery in charge, and the error code would be gone after the battery being charged to the over discharge recovery voltage.

   Some problems could happen in controller setting operation, especially when user trying to set non-default voltages value in the controller, but not familiar with the setting method. For this part, if you made a mistake or not sure if you had made any, just try to set the controller back to the default mode, and everything would be to okay status.

   At last, the best way has always been that to contact us, the professions for advises.