Thanks for reading this page and it’s our pleasure that we may have chance to work with each other.


For orders or inquiries, it’s better that you contact us firstly, and then we will have our professional sales representatives to be at your service.

Commonly you can leave your inquiry or order details in the website. If you are wholesalers, or project contractors, tend to purchase in quantity.

If you are personal user, like to take one or some of our charge controllers for your DC power system, we suggest you can buy on-line (Amazon, HomeDepot, Costco, and others), or from our local dealers. And if you can not find any dealer around your area, then maybe you can try to search us in, and we also sell charge controller there.

OEM Orders

We accept logo OEM with different requirements.

OEM Logo.

We provide 2 ways for logo OEM: A.Metal Logo Sticker. It’s different from plastic or paper logo sticker, and looking much better on our charge controller casing. We would offer this service for free, if your order can meet our bulk quantity requirement. B.Screen Print. That’s regular way to print the logo on the casing. We may need to charge a little for this OEM service, for details, you can send us an inquiry.

Casing Design OEM.

It refers to the changes of the basic color and the other designs in the controller casing surface, not about the casing structure. We also accept OEM orders with different casing design, and actually most of our major customers need this part for themselves. For long term order, with a good quantity, it is acceptable to do so.

Charge Controller OEM.

Not only the easy casing OEM request, but we also are willing to develop charge controllers with our customer’s own features. That’s a total new design, a unique product exclusively owned by your own. For this service, we may have some requirements, like: 1.Initial R&D Expense. 50% less than the actual cost. 2.Tooling Cost. Charges according to the actual cost. 3.MOQ request.


We also can develop and provide only the PCBA for our customers. For this service, we need to make sure the customer is capable of using those PCBA in the right place without having any problems, before we decide to take the relevant orders. We may charge a high MOQ for this one, but it’s very worthwhile.

& Others.

Usually OEM orders come with OEM manual, and packages together. We also need to charge according to the actual cost. For details, please contact our sales.

Shipping Information

We can arrange the delivery methods as follows:

  • express direct delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and so on.
  • air cargo through EK, TK or other airlines.
  • sea

Or you can arrange your own courier to pick up in our factory.

And also we have some other special delivery services (only for North America deliveries), *sea delivery (door to door service) *air cargo (door to door service)

Usually most of sea delivery are supposed to be delivered on a certain sea port, and air cargo to the air port. The customer needs to handle everything by himself after the delivery reaches, including cargo pick-up, custom clearance and many other paper working issues. But with door to door service, you can just wait for the cargo being delivered by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT, without doing nothing. The expense on sea or air delivery door to door service is much cheaper than by direct express delivery, and you can save much of your time and human labor.

For more information about shipping arrangement, please contact the sales or leave messages here.


Customer Service
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