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We have a mobile Phone APP “PVChargePro” for APP operation and monitoring on our charge controllers with inbuilt or external Bluetooth modules.

What’s this APP used for?

We have both IOS and Android versions of this APP, and with this APP, you can view the relevant system running status in your mobile phone, like PV Voltage, Battery Voltage, Charge Current, Charge Parameters, Controller Temperature, and some other information.

fter download the APP, you can try to operate it in your mobile phone. Before you can use it, please click on the up-right corner and select the BT device ID, then you can get the APP applied with the charge controller.

For professions, if you would like to change the charge parameters or the other controller settings in the APP, then please get in the “Parameter Settings” page, and click on

Then you can enter into another sub-page for parameters settings. Please notice there is a password required for this operation, and it’s “123456”. * for non-professions, please don’t do any parameter settings, until you can get the advises from the controller provider.

Where can we get it?

You can scan the QR code in the above for the APP (IOS version and Android version), or you can search “PVChargePro” (no space between PV, Charge, and Pro) in IOS APP Store and Google Play Store.

Or for Android Phone users, you can directly download the APK here for mobile phone use. * please notice that IPhone users only can get this APP in IOS APP Store.

For more information, please just contact us by email or leaving us messages here.


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